The Ultimate Kitchen

P1010608Think about it for a moment. What would the ideal kitchen look like? Some important factors were taken into consideration with our new home for the ‘Chef of the House’. The other thing we assessed was how to avoid dishes and came up with the ideal solution, ‘no sink’!

P1010601Thanks to my brother Nigel, who drove 11hrs up from Sydney on Friday, then did a full day 5:30am till 11pm on Saturday to see our kitchen installed, then drove back to Sydney on Sunday. Nigel’s, ‘Kitchen Sensei Master’ Dennis was also on the job arriving Saturday morning and flying home Sunday morning.

Dennis was the ‘guiding light’ making sure we didn’t put the drawers in upside down and stuff like that. Man, both of these guys worked hard. They made me realise there are more muscles in the body than the ones user to drive a keyboard or direct a wireless mouse.

There are more pictures and videos at the picasaweb site and we’re sure you will get an idea after checking them out.

Oh, and BTW – we will have the new kitchen sink installed later this week. We’re looking forward to doing the dishes soon 🙂


Abbey’s Twilight Identity

Abbey just came home from school with her first acrylic paint work. After a wee discussion that this blog needed a title she decided that the painting could be called ‘Twilight Identity’.  You can imagine how proud we are of this budding artist. This painting is a wonderful show of life and creativity. Click on the photos to see an enlarged version.

twilight1 twilight2


WOW – Looking good

P1010511 If you haven’t checked out the house lately, visit the online album of what has happened as God has faithfully provided us with this new home.

The photos online now show the inside with cornices nearly complete and all the doors added.

One of the neat things was seeing ‘Danny’ one of the plastering team wandering around on his stilts. Check it out by clicking here.


The brick layers move in

P1010454 (Small) Today we went down to find the brick layers hard at work. They tell us they should be finished by next Thursday. So far they’re doing a great job as these photos show.

We were really pleased with how the colour of the bricks is coming up.

P1010460 (Small) Here’s the happy couple still coming to grips with the amazing new home.

Now we’re working towards the home job of packing and cleaning. We still seem to be on track to move in the week before Christmas.

P1010455 (Small) On the Picasaweb of the home you can see the kids
in each of their bedrooms. We thoughts we would take a photo of them in it now.

Then when we move in we will take a photo of the ‘finished room’. One of those ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo ideas.

Well that’s all for now folk’s. Pray we get some dry weather this week. The brickys lost two or three days this week because of the rain but they are certainly making up fro lost time.


Totally Plastered

I went down to the house today to see how the brickwork had gone. Danny Waters came with me to have a look at putting in some cabling. We were both surprised that the house was plastered… well the gib rock walls were put up right the way through.



It was amazing to see what has happened in just ONE day.


Definition of a Consultant


Rip in

Rip Out

Rip Off


Inside the catacombs

We took a trip down to meet the electricians onsite today and the cable was being fed through for electrical, data and telephone services. The plumbers were hard at work making us water wise and using the connections to the water tank etc. The house is looking great and it was encouraging to see how the room sizes are working out from the plan to reality.



Feel free to take a walk through the house. Sorry we haven’t tidied up before you came 🙂