Watch out Darth Tater

Last weekend we had a great day out at ‘Supernova 2008’. Its a crazy wonderful convention that had the old comic heroes of Marvel and DC like Spidey and Superman. Mixed in were the techno heroes of Star Trek and Star Wars and the new frontier of Anime and Manga artists bringing us the lives of Naruto and friends. Into all of this was poured the fandom of South East Queensland. Whether it was the teens of today or the Trekkies of yesteryear.

You can also throw in an appearance by Lou Ferringo, the former Incredible HUlk from the Bill Bixby TV series and Michael Winslow, Mr Sound machine from the Police Academy series and it was a wild day of sights, sounds, toys, comics and photo sessions. Oh and they had a wrestling ring that I don’t want to talk about! It was wacked!

Abbey and Corey had been interested in going for some time as they have an intense interest in Anime and Manga especially as Abbey has become an exceptional Manga artist. Two of their favourite Anime programs are Bleach and Naruto. Oh and BTW – Bleach is not a household cleaner!


This was so fun. Yes, I admit it – I probably had as much for fun as the kids, and Cheryl came along to keep us sane and ask questions like ‘What is that!?


Over the day there are many activities including an area promoted by the Brisbane Gaming Industry where kids were encouraged to sketch unique characters. Abbey spent a good 3 hrs in this area and she can be seen in the attached albums sketching away.

One of the crazy activities was ‘CosChess’. This is where a giant chessboard is populated by humans in the costume of their favourite alter-ego. The x-box Halo soldier meets a Death Star soldier, while Naruto could be up against anyone from the cute and cuddly to a reject from Middle Earth.

Check out the album it makes so much more sense 🙂


Winner of Speech Finals



Faith has just stepped out into the limelight in her first year at Loganholme State School. Last Tuesday night she competed in the year 5 speech finals. She was up against five other finalists to deliver a speech on her chosen topic of ‘A Great Australian’. The speech was to be as close to 3 minutes as possible. Faith had prepared a great speech on who are the great Australian’s in our community. She had her speech cards ready and presented an impassioned plea for all of us to be like the members of our community who deserve our applause; the teachers, firemen and volunteers.

One of the real tests is to get as close to 3min for maximum points. 15sec either side is AOK for the maximum time points of 30. While all her competitors did well Faith ‘nailed it’ as this time schedule shows. Click on the pictures to see a close up.

You will see Faith with her close friend from school, Tia Porter, who was also a winner, picking up first place for the grade 4. Tia’s speech was on the topic "Books: are they redundant?". She did a wonderful job convincing us to be avid readers. Clicking on the photos above will take you to an album of their adventure in the speech finals.