Media Observations

Prayer Lantern Launch

While in Chiang Rai, Thailand we have experienced many hospitable moments from the people of the area. Thailand truly is a land of smiles. One of the memorable moments happened on the 29th when we went for dinner at the River House and enjoyed great fellowship beside the pool. Afterwards we gathered on the lawn and took a traditional Thailand prayer lantern as an opportunity to launch into praise and worship before praying for Thailand and the work of the Quinley family. It was an awe inspiring sight to see the lantern fill with hot air before heading into the evening sky. We would have watched it for over five minutes as it travelled higher and higher over our heads.


Letter from Bush Girls to Obama’s Daughters

I had heard about this moving letter from George Bush’s daughters, Jenna and Barbara. As they were seven years old when their Grand Father entered the oval office they didn’t have the same concept of what was happening within the halls of the White House as when their own father took the oath of President. Now they share this moving piece of advice and inspiration for President Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha.