Media Observations

Stand by Me – The Video Song Around the World

Take some time out to appreciate the diversity of God’s creation. He made me you and all of these incredible artists from every corner of the globe. They share talent on the street and put a smile on your face as you walk back to the office to face ‘the desk’. The story of this video can be found at

Media Observations

Trekkie’s complain new film is ‘Fun & Watchable’

Recent complaints to Paramount pictures by loyal Star Trek fans have raised issues about the films authenticity to previous boring Star Trek films with pathetic special effects and poor acting.


Care for a drink of water?

Over the course of the CMA Conference (Christian Media Australia) #CMA09 there has been a great deal said about the needs of the third world. We’ have been impressed by organisations like Compassion, CBM and Samaritans Purse.

Changed lives is a noble cause but often we feel disconnected from the needs. When you look at the work of the organisations I have just mentioned you very quickly find that they are real, intentional and effective in using our affluence to affect and influence. The last few days have seen heart and minds in action feeding, sheltering, healing and educating those less fortunate and with the heart of Christ shown through every project.

Don’t stand by when many of these organisations have made it so easy for you to be the one who impacts a childs life. You can give life through enabling those who are reaching out. Saving young ones from early death so that they can live longer, with passion and purpose. It works every day.

Today I saw the latest video campaign for Samaritan’s Purse and their project Turn On The Tap. Its a simple campaign that will see ‘sand-filters’ put into water systems used by poor families to turn diseased water into drinkable life giving water. $100 is all that’s needed to provide a sand filter and 80,000 families are on a waiting list to be on the end of a tap with clean water.

To know more visit

Let this video give you a ‘taste’ for more of this great plan to save lives.