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Terminator Salvation?

This mashup of Arnie coming back in time is a riot. So glad we weren’t dependant on man and a time machine for our salvation. It makes you glad prophecy  never had a problem like a stupid robot in sunglasses. Yes he could potentially stuff things up if he has enough ammo left in that shotgun and Judas keeps getting in the way. Hang in there to the end. You’ll love Arnie’s last line.

The beauty of this clip is it still reminds us of God’s Master Plan of salvation. Jesus proven as the son of God comes into our world to save you and I. We can’t earn, buy or trade our way out of our sin. You’ve probably tried that already. Who is Jesus? Not a wimp in long blonde hair. Check this out as Mark Driscoll helps explain the real Jesus

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Media Observations

Visionathon – Getting Better and Better

Sunday night I dropped into bed at 1:15am after a roller-coaster ride through our Visionathon fundraiser ‘Operation Acceleration’. We had a goal to raise sufficient funds to ‘fast-track’ turning on 100 new communities with a Vision relay station. Tomorrow morning on the ‘The Journey’, our Breakfast Show, there will be another great announcement.

In the meantime, see how Sunday night ended.

Media Observations

Fairtrade Music from Re:Sound Free Download

The team from MarsHill Church and Resurgence have launched the Re:Sound brand into the stratosphere and your worship experience. If you would like a free download then work the widget below for the Rain City Hymnal.

Media Observations

Gadget Betrayal – The Affair

Julian Smith’s latest video tribute to iPhone 3GS on YouTube (see below) is a sad romantic interlude that shows our lack of commitment in this consumeristic society. The truth of our betrayal becomes ever so clear where we walk out on our loved gadgets too easily. We seem to always want to trade up to the newest younger model with no thought to the feelings of last years model.

Next time you find yourself attracted to that product launch, the touched up CGI colour of the new faux metal facia on a v3.0 body ask yourself ‘Why?’ So many gadgets end up at the bottom of an office drawer only one year into the relationship. Hey, many even have a good battery yearning to be worn down. But no, we walk away from tried and true business solutions for the sake of a trip to the App store.

I’m thinking of starting a BGC 12 step program to Better Gadget Commitment. Look at that phone, that camera, that phone camera and ask yourself how you would feel to be shunned for the sake of 1.2 measly extra mega-pixels?

It seems we ask for things we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Somewhere out there are gadgets willing to commit. Technology with more heart than Reagan’s pacemaker are willing to step back into this post Y2K world and sing. Before you go out there and spend a dime on plastic glitz, without the five year replacement warranty you deserve, ask yourself how I would feel to sit in the bottom drawer waiting for the company of this years model in another twelve months.

For me I’m sticking with my iPhone 3G. After all I can wait. Really. I can!


Media Observations

Lego Jesus


How’s this for being just plain weird and cool at the same time? The parishioners of a Swedish church have taken a unique perspective on presenting Jesus to the congregation. 30,000 lego bricks and 18 months later this ‘monument’ created by 40 volunteers appeared in the foyer. The work is a copy of a piece called the ‘Resurrected Christ’ by Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. Apparently many of the blocks were donated and although the piece is in white many coloured lego blocks were donated and they have been placed inside the construction. The story was carried by the Columbus Dispatch  Click on the image for a closer look.


Five things a Leader should learn

Recently I read a post by Scott Thomas from Acts 29 Network. Scott had spent time with Billy Hornsby from the ARC. This church planting organisation was co-founded by Greg Surratt of Sea Coast and are headquartered in Birmingham Alabama.

Along the way Scott and Billy shared ideas that are pivotal in the survival of any leader, particularly where the ‘foundations’ of an organisation are so dependant on the Leaders ability to guide through and not carry the entirety of the burden.

In the post Scott shared five things he learned from Billy. I am sharing with you the headlines and encourage you to visit Acts 29 to get the depth of the advice.


  1. Never Complain

  2. Adore Your Wife

  3. Discipline Your Children

  4. Take Time Off

  5. Delegate Quickly


Continue the journey in the full post found here.