Movie Review: Olympus has Fallen

Olympus has Fallen is more than a routine action genre movie outing. Director, Antoine Fuqua, does a superb job of orchestrating his cast from the personal confrontations to the plot’s cliff hanger precipice. The story surrounds a very topical assault on American soil by a North Korean militant rebellion force.

Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens this week to renew our love of unrealistic action adventures built around comic characters and buff heroes. “Easy”, you say as you wonder how hard I’m going to come down on this comic adventure. Well this might be a mixed review covered by a Dad and his 13 year-old son who together saw the 3D version from Step Up director Jon M. Chu.

Movie Review: Jack Reacher

The Jack Reacher movie character comes to us from a series of books written by Lee Child. Starting in 1997 with Killing Floor, Child has now released 17 books and some short stories that carry the adventures of Military Policeman and investigator Jack Reacher. The movie starring Tom Cruise was taken from the 2005 release of ‘One Shot’.